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India's Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has a specialized service Unit for Research and Development of Information Products (URDIP) which is involved in the pre-research and pre-development phase of the research projects, by providing intellectual property and techno-commercial information services.

URDIP provides value added information services to wide array of clients including start-up companies, SMEs, Research Institutes within and outside CSIR, large Indian Corporate and Multinational Corporations. Its primary clients include R&D, legal, new business development and multi-functional corporate teams.


{CSIR-URDIP provides Value Added Information Services and Trainings in the following areas}
Patent Informatics
Patent landscaping: state-of-the-art searches
Patent trends and technology analysis
Competitive intelligence: competitor/ industry technology profiling
Current technology alerts and patent updates
Licensing-in/Licensing-out opportunities
Tracking patent-to-products and market surveillance
Research planning: patent mapping, identification of white space
New product development studies
Patents on actives and formulations
Human resource management in R&D: inventor identification and analysis of patent portfolios
New venture evaluation- diversification evaluation/technology or business acquisition/mergers
Search of publicly available Open Access and value-added paid databases
Analysis of the available literature for biological and chemical safety data
Make a preliminary judgement about safety, preparation of toxicology assessment reports
Early screening out of candidate molecules based on available data, thus avoiding expensive time-consuming safety studies
Identify data gaps for safe-appearing molecules
Support services for the new chemical Notification/Registration
Preparation of dossiers for regulatory agencies
Search documented knowledge to identify active herbs for intended benefit
Study commercially available product formulations
Search scientific literature on chemical, biological, and medicinal properties of shortlisted herbs
Identify mechanism of action of various plants or constituents
Search and evaluate clinical, toxicological and regulatory information
Scan patent literature for inventive ideas on products and technologies
Structure searchable web-enabled database of therapeutically active molecules in public domain which can be used as a source of hits in drug discovery programmes.
Potential library of bioactive molecules from plant sources
Library of Reported and calculated drug like properties
Study of structure-activity relationships
Creation of subject specific databases (Metallopharmaceuticals, Enzyme inhibitors)
CSIR-URDIP provides customized services in the area of Patent Informatics with an objective to give an overview on the basic as well as advanced issues pertaining to patent search, analytics, methodology for patent protection and prosecution and other aspects related to Patent Informatics.

The programmes usually includes lectures and hands on exercises to enable translation of concepts into practice.
The trainings are conducted to professionals involved in innovation including individual inventors, Professors, post graduate and engineering students, scientists, and persons from business development or management field.
CSIR-URDIP offers one year full time “PG Diploma in Patinformatics” awarded by the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), a university established by an act of the Parliament. The course includes a blend of class room teaching and hands on training on live projects.
{CSIR-URDIP has developed various Databases and Portals for the Science and Technology Community}
A Database of CSIR Patents
A Listing of Open Access Databases
Indian Science and Technology Portal
CSIR Technology Showcase Portal
CSIR Central
Central Platform for OA IRs and Central Harvester for CSIR
Science Central
Central Platform for OA IRs and Central Harvester for DBT & DST


Dr. Kishore Sreenivasan
CSIR Unit for Research and Development of Information Products
"Tapovan" S.No. 113 & 114, NCL Estate
Pashan Road, Pune-411008, Maharashtra, India
Email: contact@urdip.res.in
Phone : (+91)-020-25891006
Administrative Officer : (+91)-020-25882813
Finance and Accounts Officer : (+91)-020-25882811
Stores and Purchase Officer : (+91))-020-25882813

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