URDIP provides value added information services in the following areas:
:: Patinformatics
:: Toxinformatics
:: Phytoinformatics
:: Cheminformatics
: Patent landscaping – state-of-the-art searches
: Patent trends and technology analysis
: Competitive intelligence – competitor / industry technology profiling
: Current technology alerts and patent updates
: Licensing-in / Licensing-out opportunities
: Tracking patent-to-products and market surveillance
: Research planning- patent mapping, identification of white space
: New product development studies
: Patents on actives and formulations
: Human resource management in R&D – inventor identification and analysis of patent
: New venture evaluation- diversification evaluation /technology or business   acquisition/ mergers
: Search of publicly available Open Access and value-added paid databases
: Analysis of the available literature for biological and chemical safety data
: Make a preliminary judgment about safety, preparation of toxicology assessment   reports
: Early screening out of candidate molecules based on available data, thus avoiding   expensive time-consuming safety studies
: Identify data gaps for safe-appearing molecules
: Support services for the new chemical Notification/Registration
: Preparation of dossiers for regulatory agencies
: Search documented knowledge to identify active herbs for intended benefit
: Study commercially available product formulations
: Search scientific literature on chemical, biological, and medicinal properties of   shortlisted herbs
: Identify mechanism of action of various plants or constituents
: Search and evaluate clinical, toxicological and regulatory information
: Scan patent literature for inventive ideas on products and technologies
: Creation of subject specific databases (Metallopharmaceuticals, Enzyme inhibitors)
: Potential library of bioactive molecules from plant sources
    - Reported and calculated drug like properties
    - Study of structure-activity relationships
    - Comparative studies of medicinal plants based on same and similar structure of       active components
    - Development of structure searchable database
Information Synthesis For Knowledge Management